16th December Mr. Espen sett out from Suratthani to Pattaya on his last run with the FatBob.. It was now somebody else who was going to enjoy that faithful lady and would live a new life in Pattaya.

The last picture together outside her house in Surat.

That`s a BIG bird..

When arriving Hua Hin I had a quick errand @ my good friend Mr. Noi Siamese
(check out his web 1969tattoothailand.com for a sweet tattoo)

After that the next stop was @ Jak Tattoo Hua Hin.

And today it was time to change the tires on his dirt bicycle..

And of course with no high thoughts, you`ll never reach far..!

Then out drinking with Mr. David from Hua Hin Choppers MC/Biker Team Sweden
(check also out his web: bikerteamsweden.se)


Thursday morning I found a birthday cake in my jacket..

And of course you need the breakfast before your going through Bangkok..

Many bikers stay @ the Sukwilai Hotel..

..and this girls welcomes you with open arms..!

web: sukwilai.com

and of course I had to go gas empty 75meters before the gas station..

..but no worries..

And there I met these young boys from Singapore on their way up to Mae Hong Son. Nice to meet you guys :)

Then it was the ferry again, and I also got the regular ice cream!

Ships, big ships going in to BKK.

..and in Bangkok it can be tight, very tight..

After checking in at the Tim`s Hotel it was straight out and celebrate my birthday at the Asian Nomad MC who was having my party. Thanks guys your always close when I need you. Cheers!!

..and even on so short notice people came!! And they came - it was up to around 50 bikers, friends and family - Thanks everyone!!

..and new connections was made..

Mr. Olaf from Sang Som Rider MC is a funny guy who lost his leg in a motorbike accident, but also knows how to use his replacement leg..!

Thanks Mr. Ove! It did end up empty ;)

Mr. Barry is an american military airplane mechanic in Afganistan and got exhilarated when he had the chance to stick his fingers in the engine of Thailands only snowmobile..

5555 - it`s just nice..!!

The day after it was out with my brother Mr. Toreman & Mr. Olaf. Boy it was nice to see you and have a talk again Mr. Toreman.

Mr. Andre came an said hello also. Nice to see you again!


Then it was check out time from the hotel and meet Mr. Toreman and then off to see Mr. X (Thailand president of Maipenrai MC) who had a stroke in february -14 and is mostly tied to the bed..

Nice to see you again Mr. X! Get well and back up on your feet please!

Then we went up to Mr. Olaf from Sang Som Rider MC for some lamb thigh, elk sausage & cured sausage.
Thanks Mr. Olaf it was delicious!!


I just have to thank everyone who I met on this trip from Suratthani to Pattaya and say once again thank you very much for being the persons you are.
Take care, keep your rubber down & hang loose!! See you all out there on the road again, somewhere - sometime!

Best regards,