6th september -14 the Maipenrai MC Nomads jumped on their bikes an headed over the mountains towards Høyanger and Høyangbjørn MC to their 35 years party! It ended up on 900km with a nice ride over the mountain but also with a big prolapse for Mr. Åge (who is still down..) but took it like a real Viking!

Mr. Åge & Mr. Espen ready for takeoff early in the morning in Oslo.

Mr. Åge trying to have a piss with a total fucked up back..

Beautiful view over the mountains..

On the top of the Hemsedal mountain.

It`s all over the place and it`s a wonderful view.

First ferry of the day.

Two happy campers on the ferry MS Årdal.

With a huge prolapse it`s best to sleep like a king..

A whole lot of nice rides over here.

Mr. Åges friend built this nice bobber..

And of course trailer it must have..

And here is the man..

Legacy Vets MC from Bergen.

Here is maybe one you know Mr. Magne?! ;)

Powerplant MC was of course attending.. See you later guys ;)

Dancing witt the devils..

What really happend here is still a mystery...

Breakfast for champions..!

Then it was time to head of home..and here comes the ferry MS Lærdal.
Thanks to Høyangbjørn MC and all the others for a great party! See you all on the road again..!

Best regards,