Around and about trip..

11th July -14 the scene was set for yet another nice riding weekend for the Maipenrai MC Nomads around and about journey! First we met up in Gjøvik, then we went to Fetsund and after that it was time for Oslo. Friday with blue sky and 30°c is just unbeatable perfect and just a delight to ride our 2 wheels in!!

Friday did Mr. Knut welcome us and made an insane good BBQ night! It can`t go wrong on Gjøvik, Toten (except it`s the wrong side of Mjøsa)..

Saturday Mr. Åge had invited to yet another BBQ day/night at Fetsund and with brothers, friends, family & food like this, nothing can go wrong!

Sunday it was time for a meeting with our good friends in Asian Nomad MC Norway about a Charity Run for Maipenrai MC Thailand`s President, MR. X who recently had a stroke and is 90% paralyzed from the neck and down.

Please help a good cause and support the rides on 10th august in Bergen, Norway & 23rd august in Oslo!!

- A Biker always Help a Brother -

Mr. Erlend came together with Sunisa from Bergen to met us in Gjøvik.

Cruise control..

Somebody have a more sexy backpack than others...

The happy bunch reunited again!

There has never been so many mopeds in this driveway..

Mr. Knut the BBQ King of Toten - The wrong side of "Mjøsa"!

Thanks for a great catering with some superb burgers, Mr. Knut!

The happy bunch ready for takeoff to Fetsund.

The Maipenrai MC Nomads always travel appropriate with a 4 wheel 740 kebab cage in tow ;)

The driver of the day

I scream you scream we all scream for icecream!

Lunch at Viken II camping - TOTEN`s Biggest baked potatos in the whole world..555

Barbie (and Ken) on the Run...

BBQ dinner is never wrong..!!

Fine young cannibals..

Only Champagne is good enough..

34°c is nothing to complain about?!!

N`Thaeng making frog for dinner..!

Who said bikers are picky..!??

Our lovely girls and what a great bunch they are!

And our kids had their own private cinema who was showing "Lego-The movie" this afternoon.

...While N`Wan & N`Tik was enjoying the party with "dance Wii-iiiiiii"...

Panic stepped in when Mr. Erlend saw a small dark cloud in the sky... But now he is based in Bergen also then. Next time you get a Garmin 660/665 ;)

@ ANMC Place

The princesses waiting for ANMC Norway..

Leave your watergun outside, pleeeeeease..

Straight to the Bar..

Thanks for yet an exelent weekend with a lot of laughter, wonderful food, together with the greatest family ever! This will only go one way and thats STRAIGHT UP..!
- MFFM -

Best regards,