A Biker always Help A Brother Vol. 2

23rd August we had our 2nd -A Biker always Help a brother- Run in Oslo.
Maipenrai MC is good known about doing Charity Runs abroad, but not too much known up here in the north.. But we are very pleased about the results back here in Norway!! This time we had a charity for Maipenrai MC Thailand`s President Khun Mongkon who had a stroke in February, and we made a total of 7240,-NOK

What we have learned about Charity work like The FUN in the SUN RALLY we have had many times, is that if you never give up and just keep on doing it positive it all returns to you in a positiv way
-one way or another-

The ladys making springrolls for the event..

And god how good they become!

Tent is coming up..

Everyone at their work station..

Even got time for a break..

So let the show begin..!

2 happy campers met again..Kjetil & Elling.

Bikes starting to come..

Just have to love thoose pants, right..!!

Paddy talking with the Ducati couple.

Some of the Clubs joining the Run.

  At Vingtor MC who wasn`t home..!?

OK, we just move on and the next stop is Pilgrims MC Minnesund.

3 clubs small talk..

American steel...Weeeell, that`s what they say at least....

Mr. Robert together with Fatso MC

And Pilgrims MC served us fresh coffee & waffles..

And there is always a gift from Maipenrai MC Nomads before we ride on..!
Thanks for the nice reception we got.

Maipenrai MC Nomads, ANMC Norway and ANMC Thailand

Organizing committee.

It`s at the hotdog stand all the secrets and the plans get switched..

Mr. Tommy & Dan having a wonderful evening!

Biker chicks..

Janne, Tor & Erling enjoying each others company.

Endre together with Kjetil..

Damon Naisa played..

3 happy campers..
Good Night and thanks for the superb party...

..and we mean it!
The party was a blast from the past, and you guys Rock!
Hope to see you all again at a next helpful event. We love you all boys and girls

(Thanks to Dan-Vidar Nilsen for contributing with photos)
(PS. those who sleep do not sin..!)

Best regards,