X-mas table and 1st Anniversary

In Norway it`s a "must do" thing to have a so called X-mas table (dinner) with your favourite crowed and as long as it`s X-mas we did have our regular X-mas dinner!
One year and going better then ever
The happy bunch met up again and yet another night beyond words was a fact..
We missed the happy bunch from south & west, but they was with us in the spirit! Next time dudes!!

150.3 mph must be fast in a swim shorts...??

Restaurant Øst has become our regular eatout.. Must be because Mr. Jackie the owner, loves us and doesn`t care how much soda we consumes
(when in Norway book your night out @ ostrestaurant.no)

Pure happiness.

Real love starts with a Kiss..!

The evenig had not been perfect had it not been for Mr. Robert`s Solleti snacks..
Thank`s guys!!

Best regards,